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All About Virtual Events

Need help on a particular target or topic but don’t have the local resources to help? Look no further! Paul Giambrone is now doing online training to help shooters from a distance solve any and all problems with their shooting! We have a few different types of webinars to help shooters get past the problems they face. See the video and descriptions below and feel free to contact us to discuss which type is best for you! Also, for coaches out there, if you have a student that is struggling with something and need help, please reach out and we can find a time to help you help your student!

Target of the Week

The first type of webinar will be a particular target. For example, the target of the week might be the high house on station 2. You can check out the calendar to see when the sessions are offered for high 2, select which session works best for you then follow the directions from there! The webinar will include a 30 minute presentation on the “how-to’s” of shooting that target, some of the common problems Paul sees and what their solutions are! Times for questions will be limited to 5-10 minutes per person (depending on how many stay for the Q&A) so everyone can get the appropriate time needed to ask me questions directly. You can request a particular target at any time and we can let you know when it is coming up on the schedule or get it on the schedule! Class size will be limited to 10 people at a time. $50 per person per session for the presentation.

The second type of webinar will be on a topic. How to pattern your gun properly, what to look for in the pattern, how to fix certain problems…. Etiquette, the do’s and don’t’s of shooting recreationally, in a league or at a tournament. Similar format, there will be a 30 minute presentation along with a Q&A afterwards. The Q&A will be included on topics! Again, it will be limited to 5-10 minutes per person so we can accommodate everyone’s needs! Class size will be limited to 10 people at a time. $50 per person per session for the presentation and Q&A.

Topic of the Week

Mental Training

The third type of webinar will be strictly mental training and advanced concepts (like shoot-off doubles). This will cover all mental training, including what to do leading up to a shoot, what to do the day of your tournament, how to prepare for the station, what to do on the station and how to review your shots once leaving the station. This will also include how to deal with distractions, dealing with the wind, rain, odd fields, everything mental! I will label each mental class with a description of what we are covering for that session. Class size will only be 5 shooters! Q&A will be apart of this training session and it will be an hour to an hour and a half in length. The cost will be $100 per person per session. Parents and coaches are welcomed to join here to learn how you can help your kids or athletes when they are shooting!

Lastly, if you prefer a private setting to discuss ANY topic you want, that can be arranged as well! Gun fit assessment, eye dominance, stance, body mechanics are all included!!! Check the calendar for scheduling availability or contact Paul directly to set up our meeting. The cost is $100-$150/hour and is broken up into two 30-minute sessions that way we can discuss the topic or issue, come up with solutions and then follow up. Contact Paul directly for scheduling!

Private Training