GSC Clinic Schedule

I will be in many locations this year! I look forward to seeing you and working with you to become a better shooter! All dates are 2023!

Clinic Schedule

-OctoPrPaul Paul To schedule or inquire about an upcoming clinic, please contact me directly at or call (985) 966-5450 or the local contact listed (if applicable). To organize your own clinic, please call me directly to discuss open dates.  Below is the 2023 clinic schedule which includes the location, dates and contact information.

Location Dates Contact E-mail Phone number
Jacksonville, FL January 25-26 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Naples, FL January 27-29 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Phoenix, AZ February 8-11 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Salt Lake City, UT Week of 2/13 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
St. George, UT February 18-20 Wayne Gould 425-765-1953
Houston, TX February 22-24 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Santa Clara & Concord March 1-4 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
San Antonio, TX March 8-9 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Grand Prairie/Fort Worth, TX March 15-18 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Roswell, NM March 22-25 Keith Sparks 575-689-7068
Orangeburg, SC April 5-8 Gary Ferguson 803-682-5018
Manassas, VA April 12-15 Tom Williams 571-643-6638
Salt Lake City, UT Week of 4/17 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Phoenix, MD April 26-29 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Hamden, CT May 3-4 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Ledyard, CT May 5-6 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Harrisville, PA May 10-13 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Lincoln, NE May 17-19 Chris Lutz 402-540-6214
Houston, TX May 25 Paul Giambrone, III
Oklahoma City, OK May 31-June 3 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Hainesville, IL June 8-10 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Grand Blanc, MI June 26-27 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Ridgeville, SC June 28-30 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Marengo, OH July 6-9 SCTP NATIONALS Perazzi & Pacific Booths 985-966-5450
Stockton, CA July 13, 17 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450

Las Cruces, NM

July 21-23 Preston Benfield 586-215-3060
Morris, IL August 1-2 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450

Salt Lake City, UT

Week of 8/8 Wayne Gould 425-765-1953
Grand Prairie, TX August 17-20 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450
Reidsville, NC August 31-Sept 2 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Canton, OH September 6-8 Fred Tschantz 330-807-2701
Detroit, MI September 14 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Salt Lake City, UT weeks of 9/18 & 9/25 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Manassas, VA October 11-14 Tom Williams 571-643-6638
Manns Harbor, NC October 18-20 Bruce Hopkins 207-691-5753
Richmond, VA October 21 Chris Austin 757-394-6410
Tuscon, AZ October 25-26 Paul Giambrone III 985-966-5450
Houston, TX November 8-9 Paul Giambrone, III 985-966-5450

 Concord, CA

November 16-19 Paul Giambrone, III



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I look forward to hearing from you and helping you become a better shooter.

Please contact me with any questions for more information about upcoming clinics, schedule your own clinic, or any questions you have about your skeet game.

(985) 966-5450