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Clinic Preparation and Recommendations

There will be a lot of information at all of the clinics so please read the list of items below to prepare.

Preparation for Your Clinic

Remember, these are only recommendations, not requirements.  All of these factors maximize your learning curve as well as the fellow student’s learning curve and allows the clinic to run as efficiently as possible.

Take notes, I cannot stress this enough!

There will be a lot of information at all of the clinics so taking notes will be very helpful in your review of the lesson at a later date.

Some notes will be provided for certain types of lessons, but I encourage you to take your own as most of the information is customized to you.

Use factory ammo or ammo that you would use in a tournament (good reloads vs. the junk pile reloads)
Bad ammunition not only takes away from your time, but your classmate’s time as well. Bring good ammo!

Ask questions about:
Certain situations you face in practice or tournaments
Guns and other shooting equipment
Anything involving shooting
All questions are good questions

For half-day clinics, I recommend 10 boxes of ammo minimum; full day 10-15

Shoot the gauge you are most comfortable with (usually 20 or 28 gauge)
Please do not bring 410s (email for questions)
If you only shoot 12 gauge or a particular gauge, that is fine too

Contact me before the clinic with any questions regarding the clinic

Try to pair up with someone who is around your same level and/or wants to work on the same things (ex. You and a friend want to work on doubles or you are both in A class)

Listen to what is said even when it is not your turn to shoot
By listening to everything, it may spring a question that you may have, but you would not have thought of it if you were not listening

Come completely prepared

Bring drinks, food, paper, writing utensil, shells, glasses, ear plugs, pouch, sunscreen, gun; basically all of the things you would need to shoot

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I look forward to hearing from you and helping you become a better shooter.

Please contact me with any questions for more information about upcoming clinics, schedule your own clinic, or any questions you have about your skeet game. 

(985) 966-5450