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Winter Getaway to SUNNY Southern Utah

Day 1: Everyone greets each other, we discuss goals, objectives and get started with shooting two regular rounds of skeet. At the conclusion of the rounds, I will check everyone’s gun fit, make the necessary adjustments and discuss with each person (maximum of 5 people) what we will be working on. We will start with baseline (stations 1, 7, 8) and incomers (L2, L3, H5, H6). Once those shots are going well, we’ll break for lunch. During lunch, we’ll have a dry erase board to talk about what we did and any open discussions you may have. Post lunch, we will pattern everyone’s guns, all gauges, chokes, etc to make sure all of your equipment is functioning properly and make any recommendations needed (I suggest you bring a box of each gauge that you normally shoot with to ensure proper pattern testing). We’ll finish the day by hammering out more of those targets we covered from the morning obtaining absolute  perfection.

Day 2: Open up with 2-4 rounds of the targets covered from the day before to reinforce what we did from the day before. We’ll move on to outgoing targets. Break for lunch to discuss the proper mental process before and on the station. Post lunch we will work on shooting doubles on stations 1, 2, 6, & 7. Followed by shooting full stations and we’ll end with a 50 target challenge (2 regular rounds).

Day 3: We will discuss how you should approach the field on tournament/league day. What the squad should do when taking the field and proper etiquette. Open with 2 regular rounds cold. Work on any stations or targets you are having any doubts on. Lunch. During lunch we will discuss doubles techniques. Final afternoon will be doubles at 3, 4, 5 (when applicable) OR you can choose to spend some time shooting another discipline and get points from Paul on how to shoot any trap or sporting clays.

Following the seminar, we will schedule two 30 minute follow up sessions through zoom, google meets, teams, etc to check in and see how things are going! The goal is to keep you going in the correct direction and stay on track!

**This is just a general layout of what to expect. The course can be modified and changed as needed and will be tailored to each individual.**