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Paul’s Set Up

When it comes to shooting equipment, I have to make sure everything is reliable and consistent so I can keep my mind on breaking targets.

Here’s What I Use

The Gun and Tubes:

  • Perazzi High Tech 3 model, adjustable rib, 30″ barrels
  • Briley ultralite tubes with helix chokes, .006 top and bottom barrel for all sub-gauges
  • Extended fore-end
  • Custom stock

The Ammo:

  • Winchester skeet target loads with #9 shot.  I shoot 20, 28 and 410 and shoot the same ammo for singles and doubles.

*Shooting Glasses:

  • Ranger Falcon frames and RIACT lenses

Other Equipment:

  • Al Ange “New Orleans” pouch and belt
  • *ESP Hearing protection
  • White Flyer Targets

*- Special pricing available. Please e-mail

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