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Paul Giambrone,lll, Skeet Set

Both of Paul Giambrone,lll Skeet DVDs, Save $10.00

$119.90 ea.
3 Hr. and 20 Min.

Mastering Your Skeet Game with Paul Giambrone, lll

NSSA Hall of Fame member and Master Skeet Instructor Paul “L.P.” Giambrone, lll shares his knowledge and experience with you in this 140 minute video presentation.  Paul has helped hundreds of students reach their all-american team goals and has coached several shooters to win their first World Title.  No matter where you are in your game, this presentation will help every shooter and coach gain knowledge of the game of skeet, how to fix common mistakes on each shot and how to use the mental game to give you the advantage over your competitors. Sunrise Productions’ EYE-Cam ® allows the viewer to see Paul’s every shot.

$69.95 ea.
140 min.

Paul Giambrone's, The Mental Game and Skeet Doubles

Once you have solid fundamentals in your singles game, we know the rest is mental focus and executing doubles in a pressured environment.  This new DVD gives you Paul Giambrone, III’s method of shooting skeet doubles and how it can be applied to your game.  This doubles method will show you how to win championships and have the mind set to be successful.  Paul is the only shooter to ever post a perfect season in doubles (2009) and currently holds the long-run record at 952 (2008-2010).. Do you think he can help your doubles game?
    Paul also brings in his mental coach, Bob Palmer, for discussion of techniques to improve your mental game.  Bob gave Paul several tools to work with which helped Paul have his best season ever!  In Paul’s 2012 skeet season, he posted the second highest HOA average in history and shot 4-400X400s including one 400 with the .410!  Paul and Bob both discuss exercises and some common questions and answers to help you improve your mental game.
    Paul is a certified NSSA Master Level Instructor and has been instructing students for many years.  He has over 20 years of experience in the game and can help you get to the next level. 

$59.95 ea.
3 Hr. and 20 Min.

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